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At age 42 (almost four years ago), seeking a fair and balanced life, I moved to Norway from the Northeastern United States.

My job at a leading Wall Street firm was enjoyable but so demanding that my health started to deteriorate.

If you were middle management, you could steal cases of matches and resell them on the black market.

Executives were allowed to steal directly from the cash accounts, affording themselves lavish accommodation and a car. In social democratic countries, instead of stealing from the assembly line, they steal time.

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I tell people a candidate needs to have more than a vagina and powerful husband to become President of the United States of America.

If Americans could only feel the pain of paying taxes, counting out the cash to the tax collector each and every paycheck, instead of the invisible hand withholding electronic funds, then there would soon be a revolution. According to Hillary, I am a “deplorable.” I would like to share my story how this came about and what this election meant to me.

My background: I am a forty-something American male; the son of Punjabi immigrants. Growing up in Minnesota, we believed that the Nordic model was superior to the American one.

In the USSR people were not paid well but allowed to steal based on rank.

If you worked in the match factory as a laborer, you were “allowed to steal” a few books of matches every week, trading with your friends who worked at the vodka or cigarette factory.

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