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Each had their own strut and could each have 3 additional struts added to them to increase the total amount of staff that could work in that category, for a total of 28 struts, that were connected by long roads.Unlike Mother Base Caribbean, which had struts clustered together and ultimately made it very vulnerable to attack, Mother Base Seychelle's struts are spaced farther apart, making it easier to isolate them in the event of an attack. This mobile take on the PC classic isn't a faithful port but, rather, a re-imagining of the game for mobile.And, as you can imagine, that re-imagining isn't going down well with fans of the original, as you can see in our forum thread.It was located near the Seychelles off the eastern coast of Africa.At some point during the 1980s, Diamond Dogs managed to situate themselves on an offshore plant modeled after their doomed prior base.Similar to the Mother Base in the Caribbean, the one in the Seychelles contained seven sections, each relating to a specific function for Mother Base.

Venom Snake found out that those who were infected all shared a certain spoken language and required isolation for all members that spoke that particular language so they couldn't infect anyone else.In addition, Mother Base also was subject to a second outbreak of the parasites, this time caused by a mutation of both the parasites infecting the personnel themselves and the wolbachia, resulting in Venom Snake being forced to kill the infected to prevent a global catastrophe.The same general layout of the Base would be used as a model for all future Diamond Dogs FOB's as well as the FOB's of rival PF's such as Mosquito Stinger Force.Mother Base was the base of operations for Diamond Dogs, a mercenary unit composed of surviving members of the Militaires Sans Frontières.

Like the MSF before them, Diamond Dogs' Mother Base was an offshore plant comprised of several connected struts.The struts were occupied by surviving soldiers of MSF, soldiers kidnapped from the field, and soldiers that volunteered to work at mother base.