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For a group of "collectors", who fancy themselves as "scholars", I find their closed-mindedness laughable, their methods of discussing points of authenticity despicable, and their general sense of right and wrong as being represented by the foul-mouthed and immature "Joe" who is essentially a racist, fascist, elitist sociopath who can't seem to express an original idea which makes sense on his own.

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In fact, they are quick to ridicule any excavations by Chinese government achaeologists, and prefer to believe whatever sketchy information the black marketeers might provide.However, if anyone points out how the test results were based strictly on the objects which were submitted for testing and should not be considered a rubber stamp solution for determining the age of an artifact, or that the scientists could not speculate on the length of time it takes for the crystals to become raised naturally, or whether it would be possible to grow crystals on the surface of an object artificially, the raised crystal lovers will fall back and say that the number one means of determining authenticity is the artwork, not the science. Fortunately, these documents are available for people to read in context, and through my own communications with Fred Cook, I have learned that science is a long ways from coming to any conclusions as regards raised crystals being an indicator which will allow scientists to determine the age of a jade artifact.There are just too many variables as to the chemical makeup of the soils, the composition and temperature of the water in the soil, and even other items within the burial including the body.And yet when the owner of this piece posted these photos, she and her gang of sycophants who are so fond of ridiculing anyone with a disenting opinion were quick to attack the member who posted the photo with arrows below, rather than to attempt to answer his questions based on the same points which they had earlier made about how the surface would be affected by HF.

Of course, the mentioning of HF is perhaps just another form of misdirection since it is the most likely type of acid to quickly desolve the nephrite crystal matrix.There are a couple of them who are well spoken, and they try to make the same arguments in a more civilized manner, however if they are unable to succeed, the crystal goon squad will soon take over the thread and in many cases begin cannibalising those on their own side who try to make their points without resorting to sophmoric schoolyard taunts.

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